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Bruker 11T

Magnex Scientific 11.1 T  40 cm horizontal magnet

11.1T system log

  • Bruker AV3 HD console/Paravision 6.01 with 1 1H /1 BB transmitter and 4 channel receivers

  • Bruker 10A Shim Power Supply

  • IECO GPA-400-750, 400A/750V peak 3-Axis MRI Gradient Amplifier

  •  Gradient Coils

    RRI BFG-113/60-S: bore size 60mm, Gmax = 1500 mT/m @150A with 130 µs risetime
    RRI BFG-240/120-S6: bore size 120mm, Gmax = 1000 mT/m @325A with 200 µs risetime
    RRI BFG-400/260-S7: bore size 260mm, Gmax = 155 mT/m @200A with 330 µs risetime

  • RRI 10A Shim Power Supply

  • RF Coils

1H – Rapid Mouse Phased Array 2×2/AMRIS 85mm Quad Volume TR
1H – Rapid Rat Phased Array 2×2/AMRIS 85mm Quad Volume TR
31P – 190.5MHz, surface linear 1.2×2.0cm
31P – 190.5MHz, surface linear 0.8×1.2cm
13C -118MHz, surface linear0.9×1.2cm
1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 3.2/7.6cm (Coil 301)
1H – 470.7MHz, loop-gap linear 1.3cm (fits Agilent 205/120HD gradient)
1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature surface coil 2.5×3.5cm
1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 5.1/9.5cm (id/od, Coil 302)
1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage TX-only 8.8/11.6cm (Coil307)
1H – 470.7MHz, loop-gap linear 1.3cm(fits RRI 113/60 gradient)
1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 3.0/5.9cm (fits RRI 113/60 gradient)
1H – 470.7 MHz, quadrature birdcage 9.5/13.9cm
1H – 470.7MHz, Bruker linear birdcage coil 7.2/11.0cm
1H – 470.7MHz, Agilent quadrature birdcage coil 7.6/12.0cm
1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature surface coil 2.0×2.5cm
31P – 190.5 MHz, single loop surface linear 3x3cm