Avance III HD 750 MHz



 NMR experiments will be acquired using an Avance III HD spectrometer manufactured by Bruker Bio-Spin operating at a field strength of 17.6 tesla (750 MHz) with an 89mm bore. Spectroscopy data are collected using TopSpin software (version 3.2.6) while imaging data may be collected with ParaVision 6.0.

  • MicroImaging

        Micro-2.5 gradients (1500 mT/m)

                 RF Coils


        Mini 0.75 gradients (450 mT/m)

                 RF Coil – 33 mm

 Micro-5 gradients (3000 mT/m)

                 RF Coils – 5mm/10mm

  • Solids

Low-E 4mm H/C      Low-E 3.2mm H/C/N

  • Diffusion  Diff60 Z-gradient  30T/m

               Proton/Carbon/Xenon coils available

  • Spectroscopy

5mm Triple-Resonance      2.5mm Triple-Resonance