11 T/40 cm Bruker Avance III HD

preclinical mri/s – "11 T"

11 T/40 cm Bruker Avance III HD

MBI, AMRIS Facility, LG-123B

11.1T magnet

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Magnex Scientific 11.1 T  40 cm horizontal magnet


  • Bruker AV3 HD console/Paravision 6.01 with 1 1H /1 BB transmitter and 4 channel receivers
  • IECO GPA-400-750 (400A/750V peak) 3-axis gradient amplifier
  • BLAX1000 1kW 6-243 MHz linear RF amplifier
  • BLAH1000 1kW linear RF amplifier for 1H/19F
  • Bruker 10A shim power supply

Gradient Coils

  • RRI BFG-113/60-S: bore size 60mm, Gmax = 1500 mT/m @150A with 130 µs risetime
  • RRI BFG-240/120-S6: bore size 120mm, Gmax = 1000 mT/m @325A with 200 µs risetime
  • RRI BFG-400/260-S7: bore size 260mm, Gmax = 155 mT/m @200A with 330 µs risetime

RF Coils

  • 1H – Rapid Mouse Phased Array 2×2/AMRIS actively-decoupled 85 mm Quad Volume TR
  • 1H – Rapid Rat Phased Array 2×2/AMRIS actively-decoupled 85 mm Quad Volume TR
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 3.2/7.6 cm (Coil 301)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 5.1/9.5 cm (Coil 302)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 3.0/5.9 cm (fits RRI 113/60 gradient)
  • 1H – 470.7 MHz, quadrature birdcage 9.5/13.9 cm
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage RX-only (Coil307)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, Bruker linear birdcage coil 7.2/11.0 cm
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, Rapid actively-decoupled quadrature birdcage coil 7.6/12.0 cm
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, loop-gap linear 1.3 cm (fits RRI 113/60 gradient)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, loop-gap linear 1.3cm (fits RRI 240/120 gradient)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature surface coil 2.5×3.5 cm
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature surface coil 2.0×2.5 cm
  • 1H – 470.7 MHz, quadrature birdcage 3.6/11.5 cm
  • 31P – 190.5 MHz, single loop surface linear 3×3 cm
  • 31P – 190.5MHz, surface linear 1.2×2.0 cm
  • 31P – 190.5MHz, surface linear 0.8×1.2 cm
  • 13C -118MHz, surface linear 0.9×1.2 cm

Grant Acknowledgement

ALL PUBLICATIONS that include data obtained through MagLab (AMRIS) instrumentation, or involvement of MagLab-funded personnel at the AMRIS Facility, should state:

  • A portion of this work was performed in the McKnight Brain Institute at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory’s Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (AMRIS) Facility, which is supported by National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement DMR-1644779* and the State of Florida.*For data collected from 2018-present, the grant number is DMR-1644779.  Data collected from 2012-2017, the grant number is DMR-1157490.  Please include both grant numbers if your data was collected during both time periods.

Any users who publish data acquired on the 11T need to acknowledge the funding source that made this state-of-the-art scanner possible. Publications, presentations, or other activities or products should include the following acknowledgements:

  • “This work was supported in part by an NIH award, S10 RR025671, for MRI/S instrumentation.”

Also, please tick the box for this grant (S10 RR025671) when you update your NIH-funding on publications through NCBI.