11T Room Safety

Additional safety training is required for 11T users.  Please contact Huadong Zeng to arrange.  Briefly, the following policies apply to the 11T suite and its users:

  • When the inner door to the Magnet is open, there must be two people in the room that have taken the safety course and are approved 11T users.
  • When the inner door to the Magnet is closed, there needs only to be one person in the console room that has taken the safety course and is an approved 11T user. The outer door to the hallway may remain open if the yellow chains are in place in front of the inner and outer doors.
  • All 11T users must be familiar with the Quench and Safety policies.
  • After hours use: The PIs and the 11T users will be entirely responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone in the 11T suite. It is the responsibility of users to learn and follow safety guidelines. Serious or repeated violations of AMRIS safety policies will result in loss of access to the facility.