Jun 17 08:00am - Jun 20 08:00am

Jared Baisden / CONNOLLY-001 --------------------------------------- From: Jared Baisden Reply-To: "" Date: Friday, May 24, 2024 at 8:57 PM To: "" , Joanna Long , James Rocca , "Collins,James" , "Mehta,Anil Kumar" , Cryo800 Requests Subject: 800 MHz Cryo Jared Baisden CONNOLLY-001 Name Jared Baisden Email Alternate Email Magnet System 800 MHz Cryo AMRIS Billing Code CONNOLLY-001 Principal Investigator Peter Connolly Cryo800 Probe 5mm Cryo TXI Consultant/Operator None We cannot promise that you will get the date or time that you request. Requested Starting Date 06/17/2024 Requested Starting Time: 08:00 am Enter end date and time -OR- enter the # hours (@hourly rate) or # days (@daily rate), depending on billing for that system End Date 06/20/2024 End Time: 08:00 am Number of Days 3 Number of Hours 72 Starting Date/Time flexible? Yes 05/24/2024