Wide Bore 600 MHz/89 mm Bruker Avance III HD

NMR – "Wide Bore 600"

600 MHz/89 mm Bruker Avance III HD

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Solution/Solid-state NMR and microimaging with 1 ppb homogeneity can be acquired using this Avance III HD spectrometer manufactured by Bruker Bio-Spin operating at a field strength of 14.1 Tesla (600 MHz) with an 89 mm bore. Spectroscopy data are collected using TopSpin software (Version 3.6.2). This system features a QNP switch, allowing Proton, Fluorine and Broadband experiments. 

High Resolution Spectroscopy

  • 5 mm Smart BBOF Probe 
  • 10 mm BBO probe
  • 15 mm BBO Probe

Currently high resolution solution-state probes are available on this system. The 5 mm BBOF probe, coupled with the QNP hardware switch allows for Proton/Fluorine/Broadband experiments to be conducted, a feature unique to AMRIS. The 15 mm probe is suitable for perfusion experiments, and can be accessed by either the hypersense or the homebuilt 5 T DNP polarizer.