750 MHz/89 mm Bruker Avance III HD


750 MHz/89 mm Bruker Avance III HD

MBI, AMRIS Facility, LG-123E

750 MHz NMR spectrometer

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NMR experiments may be acquired using an Avance III HD spectrometer manufactured by Bruker Bio-Spin operating at a field strength of 17.6 tesla (750 MHz) with an 89mm bore. Spectroscopy data are collected using TopSpin software (version 3.6.1) while imaging data is collected with ParaVision 6.0.1.


  • Micro-2.5 gradients (1500 mT/m)
  •  RF Coils – 5 /10 /20 /25 /30 mm
  • Mini 0.75 gradients (450 mT/m)
  • RF Coil – 33 mm
  •  Micro-5 gradients (3000 mT/m)
  • RF Coils – 5 /10 mm

Heteronuclear surface coils including 31P and 2H are available.


  • Low-E 4mm H/C
  • Low-E 3.2mm H/C/N


  • Diff 50 30 T/m Z-gradients
  • Proton/Carbon/Xenon/Fluorine 5 mm Single Resonance Coils


  • 5mm Triple-Resonance
  • 2.5mm Triple-Resonance

The 750 MHz system is suitable for imaging live rodents; mice in either the 30 or 33 mm coils, or small rats (<120 g) for head imaging in the 33 mm coils. A new gradient shielding setup has been implemented to significantly reduce artefacts previously seen from 4G/LTE interference.

Grant Acknowledgement

ALL PUBLICATIONS that include data obtained through MagLab (AMRIS) instrumentation, or involvement of MagLab-funded personnel at the AMRIS Facility, should state:

  • A portion of this work was performed in the McKnight Brain Institute at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory’s Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (AMRIS) Facility, which is supported by National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement DMR-1644779* and the State of Florida.*For data collected from 2018-present, the grant number is DMR-1644779.  Data collected from 2012-2017, the grant number is DMR-1157490.  Please include both grant numbers if your data was collected during both time periods.