Cryo (Chem) 600 MHz/54 mm Bruker Avance III HD

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NMR experiments are acquired using an Avance III HD spectrometer manufactured by Bruker Bio-Spin, operating a magnet with a field strength of 14 Tesla (600 MHz) and a 54 mm bore.  Spectroscopy data are collected using Bruker’s TopSpin Version 3.6.5 software.  This system is equipped with a 24-position SampleCase unit for handling multiple samples tubes manually or under automation.  The instrument is located in UF’s Chemistry Department, Room CLB-100. 

  • 5 mm TXI CryoProbe

Grant Acknowledgement

ALL PUBLICATIONS that include data obtained through MagLab (AMRIS) instrumentation, or involvement of MagLab-funded personnel at the AMRIS Facility, should acknowledge the corresponding NSF, NIH, and State of Florida grants that apply to instrumentation and usage time, in addition to the user’s project-specific funding sources.

The HTS Cold Probe was transferred to Tallahassee MagLab in March 2022. Publications using data collected with the 1.5-mm HTS Cold Probe on the former Agilent VNMRS-600 instrument should include:

  • A portion of this work was carried out using a 1.5 mm High Temperature Superconducting Cryogenic Probe developed with support from the 2009-2014 NIH award, R01 EB009772.
  • Also, please tick the box for this grant (R01 EB009772) when you update your NIH-funding on publications through NCBI.
  • Please cite in materials/methods: Ramaswamy, Vijaykumar, et al. “Development of a 13C-optimized 1.5-mm high temperature superconducting NMR probe.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 235 (2013): 58-65.