Classroom Outreach

We currently offer 5 hands-on, inquiry-based activities that are ideal for a classroom environment.  Activities are led by MagLab-affiliated staff and students.  Activities are correlated to Florida’s Sunshine State Standards, which can be found on the last page of the pre/post materials.

Outreach activities can be for single or multiple classes.  Please schedule outreach activities 2 weeks in advance.  To schedule, please contact the Outreach Coordinator.

Current activity offerings (with suggested grade level):

  • What is a Scientist?

This outreach introduces students to the subject of science; explains what scientists and engineers do; and encourages students to think about the way they view science.  Then students use their observational skills to explore magnets of different shapes and sizes, and make some amazing discoveries.
Grade level: K-3 | Information

  • Magnet Exploration

After a short introduction detailing the composition and principles of magnets, students are encouraged to experiment with magnets of different compositions, shapes and sizes.  This exploration allows them to make discoveries about magnets through hands-on activities that highlight the principles of magnetism.
Grade level: K-3 | Information

  • Build an Electromagnet

By combining items commonly found in and around your house, you can create an electromagnet.  In this activity, students are given the items and basic directions for creating an electromagnet that is strong enough to pick up paper clips.  They are encouraged to modify their magnets and note the effects that each change brings to the strength of the magnet.
Grade level: 4-12 | Information

  • Electric Motors*

Science often presents some interesting principles, and this outreach is the investigation of one of them.  It builds on the principles covered in “Build an Electromagnet,” challenging students to create a small electric motor in order to understand the basics of most electric motors.
Grade level: 6-12 | Information
*Students should have already participated in “Build an Electromagnet.”  Ideal for double periods (60-90 minutes) or return visits