3D Printing

The AMRIS Facility offers 3D printing capabilities for AMRIS-related projects only.  Users who are not yet trained should contact Malathy Elumalai prior to making a reservation. This service is available free of charge provided the following rules are observed:

  • 3D printer use is by reservation only, and must be made at least 24 hours in advance. To make a reservation, email to Josh Slade, copying Cynthia Sager, indicating the time they wish to reserve as well as an AMRIS billing code for reference.   The printer availability can be tracked using the calendar.
  • Each lab group using the RF lab printer should designate one lab member to oversee all of that lab’s printing needs.  Only the designated lab member may 3D print using the RF lab printer.
  • Regular users of the 3D printer should purchase supply their own filament, which can be stored in the RF lab.