AMRIS is a state-of-the-art NMR facility for high-resolution solution NMR, solid-state NMR, microimaging, animal imaging, and human imaging. There are currently ten spectrometer systems, including an 800 MHz medium bore, a 750 MHz wide bore, an 11 T/40 cm bore horizontal animal imaging magnet, and two 3T human systems. All of our systems are available to University of Florida and external academic and industrial scientists.

AMRIS is an NMR/MRI auxiliary located at the McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida that supports UF research groups and operates an international user facility for the NSF-funded National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL). Equipment in the facility was acquired through support from the NIH, NSF, and Department of Defense. Access for users external to UF as well as technology development time are available through the NHMFL Users Program.

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MagLab Exemplary Mentor Award

Congratulations to AMRIS Associate Director Thomas H. Mareci, University of Florida Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, who was selected as one of the three recipients of the first annual MagLab awards. Tom was the winner for Mentor in a Faculty/Staff Position, which was the most competitive category. The other awardees were Tim Murphy, Director of the DC Field Facility, as Mentor in a Leadership Position, and Thierry Dubroca, Visiting Research Faculty in EMR, as the Early Career Mentor.

Tom Mareci

February 15-19, 2020

Join us at Biophysical Society 2020!

The NMRbox, CoMD/NMR, and MagLab National Centers are proud to join forces at the Biophysical Society Meeting 2020. Come visit us in San Diego (February 15-19) at Booth #133, where you can meet with staff, learn more about the services each Center provides, discuss plans for future developments, and participate in live demos.