System Sensitivity Comparison

Solution NMR

This page will be updated for other applications in the coming months.

Deciding on an instrument for your solution NMR experiments:

The tables below will help you decide which system(s) are optimal for your solution, based on solubility and amount available, and the sensitivity desired to characterize your sample. Abbreviated system names and direct links for more information are as follows:

How much sample do you have (is it mass limited or can you make more)? Is it freely soluble?

  • Solubility: For 1H NMR, you will notice a difference if your sample is below 1 mM. At higher concentrations it really doesn’t matter which instrument you use.
  • Stability: Time for data collection scales with 1/(sensitivity^2) if you need to signal average, so if a probe is twice as sensitive it will collect data in a quarter of the time.
  • Cost and Time available: The cryo800 is always busy. If you have enough sample, high enough solubility, and good enough stability, you may consider using cheaper, more available instruments.
  • Sample amount: If you only have a small amount of sample and have identified a solvent for high solubility, the 1.7 mm cryoprobe on the Neo600 is the best choice.

Two cases can be considered, the first with a fixed sample concentration, varying the volume as required, the second with a fixed mass of sample, diluted to the appropriate volume.

Sensitivity – system comparison for solution NMR