Facility Access

For access to the AMRIS facility, follow the steps below in order.
Please note that any user working with human/animal subjects must have an approved IRB/IACUC protocol letter.

Any person who is not a current faculty, staff or student of the University of Florida must apply for volunteer status. This requires a clear definition of the purpose of the volunteer’s involvement, supervision, and a record of activities.
Frequently Asked Questions may be addressed here. Questions concerning facility access should be directed to AMRIS Facility user program coordinator Amy Howe.

  1. Register as a MagLab user
  2. Read the AMRIS safety handout
  3. Attend an AMRIS Facility general safety training
  4. Apply for a key fob and after hours access (if required) using the MBI restricted access form after completion of general safety training
    • You will be contacted by the office manager to pick up your key fob from LG-124 when it is ready
  5. Request a billing code
  6. If using 3T human or 11T preclinical imagers:
  7. Contact AMRIS Facility staff about project needs
ApplicationMagnet SystemContact Person
Human imaging3T/60cm Siemens Prisma
3T/60cm Philips Achieva
Jens Rosenberg
Preclinical imaging4.7T/33cm Agilent VNMRS
11T/40cm Bruker Avance III HD
Huadong Zeng
Solid-state NMR500MHz/54mm Bruker Avance III
800MHz/63mm Bruker Avance III
Anil Mehta
Microimaging600MHz/51mm Bruker Avance III
750MHz/89mm Bruker Avance III HD
James Collins
Solution-state NMR600MHz/54mm Agilent VNMRS
600MHz/54mm Bruker Avance Neo
Jim Rocca
  1. Make a magnet time request