Facility Access

Please note that any user working with human/animal subjects must have an approved IRB/IACUC protocol letter. Review our user resources on this website for more information.

If you are NOT current faculty, staff or a student of the University of Florida, you must be approved as a UF-affiliate/volunteer before onsite access will be considered. This requires a clearly defined purpose of a your involvement, supervision, and record of activities.

Topics beyond those found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page are addressed throughout this website. Any additional questions concerning facility access should be directed to AMRIS Facility user program coordinator Amy Howe.

To obtain user access to the AMRIS facility, you must complete the numbered steps below in order:

  1. Read the AMRIS safety handout
  2. Attend an AMRIS Facility general safety training:
  3. Register your MagLab user profile
  4. Apply for a key fob (and after hours access, if required) using the MBI restricted access form after completion of your general safety training. You will be contacted by the office manager to pick up your key fob from LG-124 when it is ready.
  5. Request a billing code:
  6. If using 3T human or 11T preclinical imagers:
  7. Contact AMRIS Facility staff (see table below) about other project requirements

After ALL steps above are complete:

  1. Submit a magnet time request for system time to complete your research
  2. Acknowledge the AMRIS Facility in all publications and presentations that report NMR/MRI usage at the AMRIS Facility (some systems have additional grant-specific citation requirements)
ApplicationMagnet SystemContact Person
Human imaging3T/60cm Siemens Prisma
3T/70cm Philips Elition
Jens Rosenberg
Preclinical imagingComing soon: 7T/20cm Bruker BioSpec 70/20
11T/40cm Bruker Avance III HD
Huadong Zeng
Solid-state NMR500MHz/54mm Bruker Avance III
800MHz/63mm Bruker Avance III
Cryo800MHz/54mm Bruker Avance III
Anil Mehta
Microimaging600MHz/51mm Bruker Avance III
WideBore 600MHz/89mm Bruker Avance III
750MHz/89mm Bruker Avance III HD
James Collins
Solution-state NMR600MHz/54mm Cryo (Chemistry) Bruker Avance III
Cryo600MHz/54mm Bruker Avance Neo
Jim Rocca