RF Laboratory

The focus of RF coil laboratory at McKnight Brain Institute is to develop and maintain MRI/NMR coils for the magnet systems in AMRIS Facility. In order to develop novel MRI RF coil designs, the lab is equipped to design, simulate, build and test the coils.

  • For designing, we use Autodesk inventor software and develop 3D model of the RF coil.
  • For simulating the design, we use CST 3D Electromagnetic simulation software to analyze the coil design and observe the effects of H and E fields.
  • For mechanical construction, the lab is equipped with lathe, drill, CNC milling with Dolphin CAM software, Maker Gear M2 3D printer with Simplify 3D software.
  • For electronic construction of MRI coils, we are supplied with specialized electrical components such as nonmagnetic, high voltage ceramic and variable capacitors, a variety of air core inductors and copper foils, small and large diameter nonmagnetic coaxial cables and connectors, gallium arsenide field effect transistors and surface mount components.
  • For testing, we use wide array of test equipment such as Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, RF Impedance Meter, Noise Figure Meter, Current Probes, Electric and Magnetic Field Probes, Function Generator, DC Power Supply, and Gauss meter.

The coils developed by RF lab is available for general use by AMRIS Facility users. Users can get access to RF lab tools/equipments on request for AMRIS related projects.