RF Coil Workshop

Next offering likely: May 6-10, 2024 (TBD)

flyer announcement of RF Coil Workshop dates from May 8-12, 2023

Facility Tour (04:40)

Pre-workshop Videos

Basic Soldering: Complete Process (24:13)

VNA Introduction and Calibration (19:15)

Post-Workshop “Refresher” Videos and Parts Info

Coil Construction

Basic Soldering: Complete Process (24:13, full video is same as above; separated into the intro plus three subsections below for quick review)

Cable Assembly (BNC) (33:45)

Cable Assembly (SMA) (29:49)

Component Introductions/Parts

Bill of Materials

Chip Capacitor

Coil Soldering: Single Loop (33:56)

Check Resonance

ATC 100B Chip Capacitor Introduction (18:27)

RF Connectors

Trimmer Capacitor Introduction (16:03)

  • Trimmer Tools (non magnetic, from Knowles or digikey.com:
    • Knowles-Voltronics air trimmer: mfg# NMAP25HV
    • Sprague-Goodman cap trimmer 2-20PF: mfg# SGNMA3T20001
    • Knowles Johanson Mfg cap trimmer 1-16PF: mfg# 5451