All AMRIS fees are set according to Federal Cost Accounting Standards and reflect the cost of running the facility.  No profit is made from the user fees.

Studies underwritten by for-profit (e.g. drug) companies for their benefit are charged at commercial rather than academic rates.  Commercial fees are three times the academic rate and are intended to cover the infrastructure and other overhead costs that are not included in our academic rate.

AMRIS Facility hourly/daily magnet rates:

MagnetWeekdays*All other times
3T Philips Elition 500/hr400/hr
3T Siemens Prisma500/hr400/hr
4.7 T60/hr30/hr
11 T100/hr40/hr
500 MHz100/day100/day
600 MHz (WB & DNP)200/day200/day
600 MHz (Cryo & Chem)20/hr10/hr
750 MHz375/day375/day
800 MHz200/day200/day
800 MHz Cryo300/day300/day
*Note that HOURLY RATE systems have different pricing during weekdays while support staff are available. Weekdays are defined as staffed hours for the 3T Siemens and Philips systems as 8:00am-8:00pm, Monday through Friday (3T-system cost includes tech staff), and as 8:00am-5:00pm M-F for all other magnets (for which an additional staff consulting fee may apply).
For DAILY RATE billing, each new day begins at 8:00am; even if the usage period is less than 24 hours, you will be billed the daily rate.

AMRIS Facility staff hourly consulting rates:

Fees for 3 T MRI technologist time is included in the hourly fee for magnet time. Staff consulting fees are otherwise as follows:

Staff MemberHourly Fee
James Collins60
Anil Mehta60
Jim Rocca60
Huadong Zeng75