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The MagLab is committed to the fulfillment of FAIR data principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) to benefit the entire scientific community. In February 2021, the MagLab released a new FAIR Data Management Plan to ensure broad distribution and access to high field data. Users are encouraged to use Open Science Framework (OSF) as a project management and data sharing platform between MagLab facilities and external users.

Users are further advised to review the plan specific to their own worksite, whether that work is performed locally (in-person) or through remote access. FAIR data requirements may also differ slightly based on project funding for each Principal Investigator (PI). Where applicable, it is the responsibility of the PI to ensure protection of privacy, confidentiality, intellectual property, national security, or other rights or requirements as they apply to public data access.

Further guidance is available, depending on the funding agency for the research project. Please consult these pages as needed:

University of Florida Libraries’ Research Data Management pages provide additional guidance specific to UF.

Note: Although UF does recommend following best practices as part of the Research Data Life Cycle, it does not follow the same procedures as the Tallahassee MagLab on the Florida State University campus, which is currently a paying OSF Member Institution, https://osf.io/institutions. Your work at any MagLab facility must be stored and managed to comply with the accessibility requirements of your own PI’s institution and project funding agencies.