SMB Storage for Data Transfer (must have valid GatorLink access)

The AMRIS 3T Facility has an option for users to transfer data off the scanner using a UF SMB Share drive. This is a UF hosting service that can be accessed from Mac, Windows and Linux computers via your Gator ID credentials. This will eliminate the hassle of using USB drives and also be more secure.

Each group/PI will have its own folder to which we will copy the desired data (Dicoms, Twix, Raw data, screenshots, etc.). The project PI and lab members who have been given access to the group folder can then access this folder from any computer around the University campus or through the UF VPN service. Each group will only have access to their specific folder, while the scanners can access all of them by credentials granted to the MRI techs. Both scanners are set up to access the SMB Share.

NOTE: This is a TEMPORARY storage folder with limited space. Your data should be copied over to your permanent storage solution and REMOVED within 72 hours after your MRI session. Depending on the total space used on the Share, data might be stored longer. Data stored longer than 72 hours can be deleted without notice.

How to sign up:

To request a folder on the SMB Share or to add/remove access for a person, the Principal Investigator (PI) needs to send me an email ( with the following information:

Subject Line: AMRIS 3T Share

Email Body:

Share name: AMRIS-AMRIS3TS$

Folder to be added: PI’s last name (may match the Billing Code)

Name and Gator ID of all PI/staff/students who will need to access the folder:

User 1 (PI):


Gator link:


User 2:


Gator link:


User… (add more users, as needed)

How to access the Share:


Open File Explorer and enter the address below:


Login: UFAD\gatorlink

Password: Your GatorLink/ID password

You can also map the drive to your File Explorer

  1. Open Windows File Explorer
  2. Right Click on This PC
  3. Select Map Network Drive
  4. Select Drive
  5. In Folder enter the address: \\ICT-BA1-FS01.AD.UFL.EDU\AMRIS-AMRIS3TS$
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions.    Login: UFAD/gatorlink (you may or may not need to use the “UFAD/”) and then access your specific folder


  1. In the Finder  on your Mac, choose Go > Connect to Server.
  2. Type the network address for the computer in the Server Address field using this format:


  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to type the workgroup name and user name and password

Login: UFID/gatorlink (you may or may not need to use the “UFAD/” to set the domain)


To mount the Share under Linux:
Please note, each distribution of Linux is slightly different, so some of these steps may be similar, but not identical, depending on your distribution.

From a graphical system
Ubuntu for example:

  1. Open the file manager, select “+ Other Locations”
  2. Look for the “Connect to Server” box on the lower edge of the window and enter:  smb://$
  3. When prompted, select “registered user” and enter your Gatorlink username, the domain as UFAD, and your GatorLink password

From a CLI:
–  Open a terminal and enter:
sudo mount -t cifs -v -o user=YourGatorLink,domain=ufad,sec=ntlmssp,vers=3.0 //ict-ba1-$ /Path/to/Local/Mount/Location

–  If you need to mount without sudo, please use the smbclient application:
smbclient -W ufad -U YourGatorLink //$

The smbclient application will provide a SFTP-like connection prompt to the share where you can access and download your data.