Jun 5 09:00am - Jun 5 09:30am

From:   Angie Bauer <>
Sent:   Tuesday, May 26, 2020 12:44 PM
To:; Rosenberg,Jens; Nicholson,Tammy Renee; Siemens 3 T Requests; Swiers,Christi L; Steadman,Judith Kaye
Subject:        3T Siemens Angie Bauer CLARK-001
 Angie Bauer
Magnet System
 3T Siemens
AMRIS Billing Code
Principal Investigator
 Virginia Clark
Consultant is required for:
Experiment Duration
Operator Requested
 Tammy Nicholson
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 09:00 am
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 09:30 am
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Special Requirements
 NovoNordisk NN9931-4492